The Gold Coast Airport expansion has improved travel to the Byron Shire region and Coast Byron provides eco-friendly transfers.

The Gold Coast Airport is an important gateway for travellers to the beautiful Byron Shire and the surrounding region. And with the recent expansion of the airport, it's now even easier for visitors to get to this stunning part of the world.

The $260m expansion of the Gold Coast Airport has brought a range of benefits to the region. It's created new jobs and economic opportunities, and has made it easier for travellers to get to the Gold Coast and beyond.

But the expansion has also had a positive impact on travellers themselves. With the addition of new terminals and facilities, the airport is now better equipped to handle the growing number of passengers; including more international flights - providing a more efficient and comfortable travel experience.

And for those looking to make their journey to the Byron Shire as eco-friendly as possible, there's no better choice than Coast Byron Airport Transfers. With their Tesla Model Y, Coast Byron provides zero-emissions airport transfers, making it easy to reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of a private transfer.

So whether you're coming to the Byron Shire for a holiday, a wedding, or to explore the region's stunning beaches and waterways, the expanded Gold Coast Airport and Coast Byron Airport Transfers make it easier than ever to get here. Start planning your trip today!